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4" LED Light Engine with Drop Glass Reflector Trim

8.76W - 18W, 2700K - SunsetK, 850 lm - 1600 lm

The perfect lighting solution for high-end residential and light commercial projects.
Black w/White ring
All Bronze
Chrome w/White ring
Chrome w/Nickel ring
Haze w/White ring
All White
All Black
Product Features
  • High efficacy LED module.
  • Triac/ELV/0-10V dimming.
  • Must be used with ELCO 4" Cedar™ System Housings.
  • Frosted acrylic module lens for even lumen distribution.
  • Life span of 50,000 hours L70.
  • USA designed and assembled.
  • Limited 5 year warranty.
8.76W - 18W
850 lm - 1600 lm
Color Temp.
2700K - SunsetK
Lamp Type
Beam Angle
Damp Location 

Product SKU

Catalog Number Lamp type Wattage CCT Lumens Beam Angle Spec
E412C0827W, E412C0827BZ, E412C0827H, E412C0827C, E412C0827B, E412C0827MW, E412C0827MB, E412C0827BB LED 8.76W 2700K 850 lm 60°
E412C0830W, E412C0830BZ, E412C0830H, E412C0830C, E412C0830B, E412C0830MW, E412C0830MB, E412C0830BB LED 8.76W 3000K 850 lm 60°
E412C0835W, E412C0835BZ, E412C0835H, E412C0835C, E412C0835B, E412C0835MW, E412C0835MB, E412C0835BB LED 8.76W 3500K 850 lm 60°
E412C0840W, E412C0840BZ, E412C0840H, E412C0840C, E412C0840B, E412C0840MW, E412C0840MB, E412C0840BB LED 8.76W 4000K 850 lm 60°
E412C08SDW, E412C08SDB, E412C08SDC, E412C08SDH, E412C08SDBZ, E412C08SDBB, E412C08SDMW, E412C08SDMB LED 8.76W SunsetK 850 lm 60°
E412C1227W, E412C1227BZ, E412C1227H, E412C1227C, E412C1227B, E412C1227MW, E412C1227MB, E412C1227BB LED 12.88W 2700K 1250 lm 60°
E412C1230W, E412C1230BZ, E412C1230H, E412C1230C, E412C1230B, E412C1230MW, E412C1230MB, E412C1230BB LED 12.88W 3000K 1250 lm 60°
E412C1235W, E412C1235BZ, E412C1235H, E412C1235C, E412C1235B, E412C1235MW, E412C1235MB, E412C1235BB LED 12.88W 3500K 1250 lm 60°
E412C1240W, E412C1240BZ, E412C1240H, E412C1240C, E412C1240B, E412C1240MW, E412C1240MB, E412C1240BB LED 12.88W 4000K 1250 lm 60°
E412C12SDW, E412C12SDB, E412C12SDC, E412C12SDH, E412C12SDBZ, E412C12SDBB, E412C12SDMW, E412C12SDMB LED 12.88W SunsetK 1250 lm 60°
E412C1627W, E412C1627B, E412C1627C, E412C1627H, E412C1627BZ, E412C1627BB, E412C1627MW, E412C1627MB LED 18W 2700K 1600 lm 60°
E412C1630W, E412C1630B, E412C1630C, E412C1630H, E412C1630BZ, E412C1630BB, E412C1630MW, E412C1630MB LED 18W 3000K 1600 lm 60°
E412C1635W, E412C1635B, E412C1635C, E412C1635H, E412C1635BZ, E412C1635BB, E412C163MW, E412C1635MB LED 18W 3500K 1600 lm 60°
E412C1640W, E412C1640B, E412C1640C, E412C1640H, E412C1640BZ, E412C1640BB, E412C1640MW, E412C1640MB LED 18W 4000K 1600 lm 60°
E412C16SDW, E412C16SDB, E412C16SDC, E412C16SDH, E412C16SDBZ, E412C16SDBB, E412C16SDMW, E412C16SDMB LED 18W SunsetK 1600 lm 60°

Product Number Builder

ELCO 4" Drop Glass Reflector
  • 08 850 lm
  • 12 1250 lm
  • 16 1600 lm
Color Temp.
  • 27 2700K
  • 30 3000K
  • 35 3500K
  • 40 4000K
  • SD Sunset
  • W All White
  • BZ All Bronze
  • H Haze w/White Ring
  • C Chrome w/White Ring
  • B Black w/White Ring
  • MW Matte White
  • MB Matte Black
  • BB All Black

Example: 0827W [ 850 lm2700KAll White ]