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4" LED Light Engine with Reflector Trim

9.6W - 18W, 2700K - SunsetK, 850 lm - 1600 lm

The perfect lighting solution for high-end residential and light commercial projects.
All White
All Bronze
Chrome w/ White Ring
Haze w/ White Ring
Black w/ White Ring
All Black
Matte White
Matte Black w/White Ring
Product Features
  • High efficacy LED module.
  • Triac/ELV/0-10V dimming.
  • Must be used with ELCO 4" Cedar™ System Housings.
  • Frosted acrylic module lens for even lumen distribution.
  • Life span of 50,000 hours L70.
  • USA designed and assembled.
  • Limited 5 year warranty.
  • 2 at the end of the item number denotes Generation 2. Please note Gen 2 and Gen 1 are not cross compatible.
9.6W - 18W
850 lm - 1600 lm
Color Temp.
2700K - SunsetK
Lamp Type
Beam Angle
60° - 60º
Damp Location 

Product SKU

Catalog Number Lamp type Wattage CCT Lumens Beam Angle Spec
E410C0827W2, E410C0827BZ2, E410C0827H2, E410C0827C2, E410C0827B2, E410C0827MW2, E410C0827MB2, E410C0827BB2 LED 9.6W 2700K 850 lm 60°
E410C0830W2, E410C0830BZ2, E410C0830H2, E410C0830C2, E410C0830B2, E410C0830MW2, E410C0830MB2, E410C0830BB2 LED 9.6W 3000K 850 lm 60°
E410C0835W2, E410C0835BZ2, E410C0835H2, E410C0835C2, E410C0835B2, E410C0835MW2, E410C0835MB2, E410C0835BB2 LED 9.6W 3500K 850 lm 60°
E410C0840W2, E410C0840BZ2, E410C0840H2, E410C0840C2, E410C0840B2, E410C0840MW2, E410C0840MB2, E410C0840BB2 LED 9.6W 4000K 850 lm 60°
E410C0850W2, E410C0850BZ2, E410C0850H2, E410C0850C2, E410C0850B2, E410C0850MW2, E410C0850MB2, E410C0850BB2 LED 9.6W 5000K 850 lm 60º
E410C08SDW, E410C08SDB, E41008SDC, E410C08SDH, E410C08SDBZ, E410C08SDBB, E410C08SDMW, E410C08SDMB LED 9.6W SunsetK 850 lm 60°
E410C1227W2, E410C1227BZ2, E410C1227H2, E410C1227C2, E410C1227B2, E410C1227MW2, E410C1227MB2, E410C1227BB2 LED 12.88W 2700K 1250 lm 60°
E410C1230W2, E410C1230BZ2, E410C1230H2, E410C1230C2, E410C1230B2, E410C1230MW2, E410C1230MB2, E410C1230BB2 LED 12.88W 3000K 1250 lm 60°
E410C1235W2, E410C1235BZ2, E410C1235H2, E410C1235C2, E410C1235B2, E410C1235MW2, E410C1235MB2, E410C1235BB2 LED 12.88W 3500K 1250 lm 60°
E410C1240W2, E410C1240BZ2, E410C1240H2, E410C1240C2, E410C1240B2, E410C1240MW2, E410C1240MB2, E410C1240BB2 LED 12.88W 4000K 1250 lm 60°
E410C1250W2, E410C1250BZ2, E410C1250H2, E410C1250C2, E410C1250B2, E410C1250MW2, E410C1250MB2, E410C1250BB2 LED 12.88W 5000K 1250 lm 60º
E410C12SDW, E410C12SDB, E410C12SDC, E410C12SDH, E410C12SDBZ, E410C12SDBB, E410C12SDMW, E14C12SDMB LED 12.88W SunsetK 1250 lm 60°
E410C1627W2, E410C1627B2, E410C1627C2, E410C1627H2, E410C1627BZ2, E410C1627BB2, E410C1627MW2, E410C1627MB2 LED 18W 2700K 1600 lm 60°
E410C1630W2, E410C1630B2, E410C1630C2, E410C1630H2, E410C1630BZ2, E410C1630BB2, E410C1630MW2, E410C1630MB2 LED 18W 3000K 1600 lm 60°
E410C1635W2, E410C1635B2, E410C1635C2, E410C1635H2, E410C1635BZ2, E410C1635BB2, E410C1635MW2, E410C1635MB2 LED 18W 3500K 1600 lm 60°
E410C16340W2, E410C1640B2, E410C1640C2, E410C1640H2, E410C1640BZ2, E410C1640BB2, E410C1640MW2, E410C1640MB2 LED 18W 4000K 1600 lm 60°
E410C1650W2, E410C1650BZ2, E410C1650H2, E410C1650C2, E410C1650B2, E410C1650MW2, E410C1650MB2, E410C1650BB2 LED 18W 5000K 1600 lm 60º
E410C16SDW, E410C16SDB, E410C16SDC, E410C16SDH, E410C16SDBZ, E410C16SDBB, E410C16SDMW, E410C16SDMB LED 18W SunsetK 1600 lm 60°

Product Number Builder

ELCO 4" Reflector
  • 08 850 lm
  • 12 1250 lm
  • 16 1600 lm
Color Temp.
  • 27 2700K
  • 30 3000K
  • 35 3500K
  • 40 4000K
  • 50 5000K
  • SD Sunset
  • W All White
  • BZ All Bronze
  • H Haze w/White Ring
  • C Chrome w/White Ring
  • B Black w/White Ring
  • MW Matte White
  • MB Matte Black w/White Ring
  • BB All Black
  • Gen 1
  • 2 Gen 2

Example: 0827W [ 850 lm2700KAll WhiteGen 1 ]