Product SKU

Catalog Number Description Spec
PSA21 Socket Adapter Medium Screw into GU-24
PSA25 Socket Adapter for HALO® 5" Trims to fit ELCO Housings
PSE26 Socket Extender
PSA27 Socket Adapter for 4" Eyeball to fit HALO® Housing
PSA28 Socket Adapter Med. screw-in to G8 base with lamp
PSA30 Socket Adapter Med. base to Ideal terminal connector
PSA31 Socket Adapter GU10 to Ideal terminal connector
PSA32 Socket Adapter Med. screw into GU10 without lamp
PSA33 Socket Adapter Med. screw into GU10 with lamp
PSA35 Socket Adapter GU24 to quick connector
PSA38 Socket adapter
PSA38-22 Rewiring kit to Ideal LED connector.
P010S GU10 Socket with wire
P011S E26 base Phenolic Socket with 6" wire
P012S Socket Assembly, wire and thermal protector for EL7IC & R10H
P024S GU24 Socket with 18" wire
P016S Socket for MR16 with 24" wires
P010T Phenolic Screw Base Adapter with 8" pigtail wires
P006S Socket for MR16 w/6" wires, no disk